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Contact lenses liberate a person from the restrictions of eyeglasses. Football, Baseball, running, golf and many other active pastimes are made easier with the use of contact lenses. The Doctors have extensive experience and access to a wide variety of contact lenses that make it possible to fit most patients with contact lenses.


We also provide Custom Specialty Contact Lens Services. Our Specialty contact lens services include:  custom soft, custom gas permeables , astigmatic, bi-toric, multifocal, and toric multifocal contact lenses.


Some of the vast options available to today’s contact lens wearers include:

  • Daily Disposable Contact Lenses – contacts that are worn for one day and then discarded; excellent for those with allergies and dryness; no cleaning; very convenient.

  • Extended Wear Contact Lenses – contacts that the FDA has approved for continuous wear, up to 30 days; an alternative to laser vision correction; no cleaning; very convenient.

  • Bifocal Contact Lenses – contacts that allow people who require a bifocal to see both far away and up close through the same contact lens; eliminates the need for reading glasses over standard contacts.

  • Toric Contact Lenses or Astigmatic Contact Lenses – contacts that correct astigmatism; newer powers allow successful fitting of people with very high amounts of astigmatism.

  • Color Contact Lenses – contacts that change the color of the wearers eyes; available in prescription and non-prescription powers.


Contact Benefits ...

Contact lenses have a number of distinct advantages over wearing eyeglasses, from the way they make you look to the way they help you see.


While eyeglasses can be a fashion statement in themselves and are even preferred by some people, many others enjoy the benefits of not having to wear glasses in order to see.


Contact lenses provide the opportunity to see well and to look completely natural without having to undergo laser refractive surgery on your eyes. This surgical procedure is not suitable for all eye conditions and, once performed, is completely irreversible.


Contact lenses also provide a much better field of vision than that offered by glasses. They give the wearer a full field of unobstructed vision, whereas glasses restrict peripheral vision, meaning the wearer must turn their head to see objects located to one side.


This increased field of vision makes contact lenses not only ideal for driving, but also for playing sports. Where glasses restrict peripheral vision and could easily be broken playing any sort of physical sport, contact lenses (especially soft contact lenses) tolerate all sorts of jarring and even violent movements without being dislodged.


While eyeglasses can distort your vision slightly because of the distance between the eye and the lens, a contact lens sits right on the eye and provides natural vision. There are also none of the distracting reflections sometimes experienced when wearing glasses.


Contact lenses are much more comfortable to wear than glasses, with no heavy frames pushing down and rubbing on your nose and ears. In fact, if made and fitted correctly, you will hardly know you are wearing them at all.


They also don’t fog up or get dirty or splashed, as glasses are prone to do. Your eyelids are gently washing your contact lenses the whole time you are wearing them.

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2 Dexter Street, Pawtucket, RI 02860

Call 401-723-9540

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